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With all of the buzz on the social media sites about today being February 29th, I started thinking about the word "Leap" and why "Leap Year" is just that, instead of, say, "Jump Year".  The official definition for Leap (used as a verb) is "to jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force".  When compared to the definition for Jump- "to push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet"- to Leap is clearly more powerful and impressive.  Jumping, by definition, is restricted to the power and ability of the "muscles in one's legs and feet".  To me, it sounds as if "Leaping" is like "Jumping" to the 10th power...almost like there is something supernatural or extraterrestrial about ones potential ability to Leap. 

You might be wondering right about now why this could possibly be important.  After all, isn't this merely semantics?  Well yes...a…

Teed Dating Violence Awareness Month

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Teed Dating Violence Awareness Month 02/19 by Eliska Hahn | Blog Talk Radio
Activism 101: 10 Alternatives to Roses this Valentine’s Day With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, February is the customarily lucrative “Season of Love” for florists and jewellers and restaurants and chocolate specialists as couples from all walks of life make go the extra mile to celebrate their relationship. Radio programmes are getting ready their “Best Love Songs” playlist for the onslaught of song requests; Teenagers are doodling little hearts on their tablet computers and even kindergarten kids are making and crayon-ing paper hearts to give to their favourite crush! For those searching for an affordable alternative to the flowers, chocolate and meal-out options; or perhaps for those who are looking for a meaningful way to take back Valentine’s Day from the onslaught of commercialism while supporting the cause to end violence against women, here are 10 “Valentines Against Violence” as alternatives to the traditional “romantic” gifts: Valentine Against Violence 1: Bake Wit…

I Am Second

And THIS is why I love Scott Hamilton. I didn't think I could admire him any more than I did 15 minutes ago. I was wrong. I have both of his books that he signed to me-the second sent to me by my dear friend Robert Mauti when I was in the thick of fighting MS. Do yourself a favor, watch this and get what we have in common...not fighting a debilitating illnesses, not figure skating, but GOD. ♥