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I guess there are more important things to reflect upon as we enter the last hours of 2011.  I'm sure every blogger worth his or her salt will be composing and crafting great reflective blogs about the past twelve months and what they have learned and how they've grown...perhaps sighting accomplishments or regrets or life changing moments....births or deaths...loss and gain.  That's pretty typical, but if there is one thing I'm not, it's typical.  My reflection on 2011 is represented by my Hair.  My Hair has always been a source of great controversy since as far back as I can remember.  When I was very, very little, my Gran would stack phone books and Sears and Roebuck catalogues on top of a dinning room chair and then lift me and balance me on top of the pile so I would be high enough for her to roll my stick straight Hair on to little Lilt perm rollers.  My job was to sit very still and hand her the papers she used to gather the ends of my Hair so they could be m…

Beautiful Disaster

So last week in our Christmas Eve service, right along with all of the familiar Christmas carols and songs I have sung since I was old enough to sing (which was around 8 months of age, according to my mother) was a song by Jon McLaughlin called "Beautiful Disaster" from 2007.  This sorta stuck out like a sore thumb at first in the midst of "Little Drummer Boy" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", but this pop hit that charted 4 years ago after I had left radio full time was not a song I was familiar with at all, let alone a "Christmas" song about the birth of Jesus.  However, I became transfixed immediately by the video and lyrics which were projected on the large screen as my favorite worship leader sang them.  I soon felt the hot flush in my cheeks and lump in my throat right before the tears gathering in my eyes began to obstruct my view of the video.  I realized my 15 year old daughter sitting by my side began crying softly too.  This was our …

Resolving for 2012

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~For Dylan

You can dress up evil
In a tailored suit
And white tie
Like "the good guys"

You can scrub it's face clean
Hide the tattoos and piercings
And slick it's hair back
Real nice like

But it's still evil
On the inside
Coming out of every pore
With every beat
Of the small black heart.

But there is One
Who defeats all evil
And sets a crown of glory
On the head of each
Who defend the truth,
Even at their own expense,
And pain, and discomfort.

You are a hero.

My Second Article for The Pixel Project

16 Online Resources for Escaping/Healing from Violence Against WomenPosted on December 7, 2011by 
Some of the most difficult – and often, most dangerous – part of the work done by activists, organisations, grassroots groups and individuals for the cause to prevent and stop Violence Against Women (VAW) is helping women to escape and heal from the violence they have experienced. In cases where gender-based violence takes the form of domestic violence or culturally sanctioned ritual violence such as Female Genital Mutilation, an additional difficulty lies in getting women and girls to take steps to get or accept help to escape the violence being done to them. In today’s 16 for 16 blog entry, The Pixel Project presents 16 resources for women wanting to get help escaping or healing from various forms of VAW as well as those who wish to understand why and how a particular form of VAW occurs in order to successfully help the women and girls who need it.