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I wasn't sure I would ever post this for public consumption.  I wrote it while dawn was breaking one morning last week and I sent it to the muse that inspired it.  I am sharing with you because it is my most Naked...and it is the way I am feeling tonight.

Be blessed.

You never forget the exact moment you are aware you are naked. Absence of the image, bare of the armor. The moment when time stops. The momentyou hand over your heart. Other people and sounds quickly disappear, And you are blissfullytransported to another reality...
Your face--your eyes especially--became the center of my awareness, The center of my universe It was in that moment I stopped fleeing...fearing... fighting And for the first time in forever, Indulged Hope.
Ah Love... What a wretched, horrible thing it is. Vulnerability, with its sickly, weak sensation Gently caresses the base of my throat And then begins to squeeze. I feel my strength, and my resolve Leave quickly and completely.
The moment I hear…