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Soul Vomit Anthology

I am very proud to be one of the contributing authors for the "Soul Vomit: Beating Domestic Violence" annual anthology.  Several of my works that the readers of this blog are familiar with are included in this initial anthology as well as my multi media art work, "Forever and Half a Day".  Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will be used to stop all forms of domestic violence and abuse.  You can order your copy of this anthology by clicking here.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality and let's continue to stop violence against women.  Together.

The Soul Vomit annual anthology aims to help society open its eyes to this painful epidemic hiding behind closed family doors all over the world. Domestic violence is often unreported, unseen, and unknown, which is why it is our duty to raise awareness and encourage strength in bystanders to call the police, report suspicious behaviors, and be a friend to someone who is in a violent home e…

Two Years

Today marks two years since I held my Gran and watched as she passed from my arms into the arms of her King.  In some ways it feels like it was yesterday.  In most ways it feels so much longer than that.  I miss her every single day.  I am confident that I will be with her again.  I would like to post the tribute I wrote last year on this day.  A year has passed, but the feelings are exactly the same.  I am sure they will remain the same until I once again look into her beautiful blue eyes...

"Did You Ever Know You Were My Hero?" A tribute to Mary Louise Eye

On 12/2/10 at 3:45am I looked into your beautiful blue eyes for the last time and held you as you took your last breath.  You lived a life dedicated to your family, friends, and your God.  You were the single greatest example to me of unconditional love and you were more my mother and best friend than my Grandmother.  Oh yes, you scolded me and were stern at times, and you were never shy about giving me a piece of y…