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One month ago today, I lost my best friend. Today is much like that day-the sun is shinning, birds are singing, and people are going about their lives...and it How can the world keep on spinning? How can the sun dare to shine? The loss of Loray has been devastation personified in the lives of so many. On this day I would like to share the words I spoke at her funeral. I love you Ray-Ray. You will continue to live in the hearts and lives of those you loved...Forever

When I spoke with Loray’s sister Shirley Saturday night and she asked me if I would like to speak at this service today I immediately said yes, but when I hung up the phone I was absolutely panic stricken that, for the first time in almost 25 years, I wouldn’t be able to find the right words to say ...because I now know there truly is a grief that can not be spoken.   

I met Loray in 1987 when I had just turned 21 years old.  I was a single mom in the middle of a divorce and I pretty much had …